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Roommate apartment

Nyborgvej 68,2 - 5000 Odense C

The house i very special to me and it is also very special for all the super cozy renters trough the times since 1998

People from all over the world

have lived here and maybe also you.


You can also registred your

CPR number here.


House historie

  • Build 1895

  • 4 apartments totally

  • Ground floor - normal long term renting - rentet out.

  • 1. floor - my mom, Sonja, lives there from 2016. She is so lovely and cozy at 80 years old.

  • 2. floor this three rooms apartment. 

  • Backhouse is for short term renting through registreted b&b host since 2008

See the rooms

to my youtube shoving

Video 1 - House from outsite:

Video 2 - House from insite:

Terms and price​

  • Deposit: 1.200,- euro

  • Rent pr month 400,- Euro

  • All cost included

  • Minimum rent period is 6 month Feb-august or august to Feb.

  • There is three rooms in this apartment.

  • Only one person pr room.

  • You share bath and kitchen with the other two persons.

  • All cost are included so I will still hope you will think extra how much you use Co2 becouse of climate and money.

  • Easy and safe parking I sit the yard.

  • Washing mashing in the back house (25,- Dkk pr washing)

  • There is a very good karma energy in the house because of the cozy renters.

If you live up to good karma, you are also welcome :)

Who is the landlord

  • Name: Jesper Thinggaard

  • Jobs: Carpenter - B&B host - teambuilding & events

  • Owned the house since 1998

  • Live in the house next door.

  • WhatsApp number 0045 40151718

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