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- fun and rewarding day for your colleagues
  gives good memories.

Dear Jackline Bamdeg

With this, you get an offer for a memorable experience for INDICATA

leaders, so that they will be well equipped going forward.

Date of event: Tuesday 27 Jan 2023 from 4 pm to around 10 pm

Location: Odense city, Eventyrhaven, Åfarten and Odense Zoo

Number of participants: approx. 40

Event Type: Shaking and socializing, fresh air, sailing and fine dining.

At the outset, I would like to state that I am bringing several helpers who know the quality that More Outdoor strives for. There is also a lot of practice and safety which must be 110% ok. This will make it a very safe and fun experience for all participants.

The activities:

  • Throwing the ball is great fun and requires coordination. Balls must be thrown to each other at a certain distance.

  • 'Balance Maze'  is always popular. 8 people lift a maze and make a ball roll through the course.

  • Windmill drawing' is a very good communication exercise where the student must draw a windmill. Requires max concentration and cooperation.

  • 'The Vertical Bar' . A wonderful task to end on. Here the participants have to lift a light pole and move it 10 meters away. Several fun 'secret' challenges along the way occur.

At these exercises EVERYONE can join in and enjoy themselves.


Team Split: I split the entire team into smaller groups of 8 people. Then everyone gets to try the different challenges/games. This will create a form of competition which creates a bit more dynamism and fun.

Time schedule:

  • At 4 pm I welcome you to a wonderful afternoon/evening with More Outdoor.

  • You go yourself to Eventyrhaven, where we are ready with the first activity.

  • Now you go towards Munke Mose, where you will sail from. On the way here, there are several other activities.

  • On arrival at Åfarten, you have walked 1.4 km. at 18.00 sail towards Odense Zoo - it is possible to order wine and water for the trip.

  • You eat delicious barbecue at Odense Zoo - enjoy your dinner

I hope the above can form the framework for your team day - me and my team will do everything to make everyone feel comfortable.

Total price for the entire event EURO 5.300, excluding VAT and drinks


The price must be seen as a presentation. It is both possible to adjust up or save down.

If you would like to optimize with great photos from the day, I can offer to photograph today's event and take photos of the participants, DKK 4,500 ex VAT. At other events, customers have used these images for an annual calendar.

With pleasure from


Jesper Thinggaard


Reservations and terms of payment:

When ordering, 50% is paid up front and 50% 8 days after the event.

The offer is valid for 8 days from 25 May 2023

I dare to promise a completely fantastic event, so I ask for a statement and a small photo of the customer's face for use on the website afterwards.

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